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Welcome To "Give Me a Dollar"
This website is set up to give you the opportunity to "Give Me a Dollar". All it takes is a moment of your time to place $1 in an envelope and mail it to me, Michael J. Hicks. I will choose at random a person a week to 'hi-lite' on my site. Include your name, age and favorite 'something' and I may choose you to be on my web-site. It's just that easy! Send $1 to: Michael J. Hicks - 1718 East 26th Street - Ownesboro, KY 42303
OR CALL 270.684.9385
July 28, 2002...site is up and running!
July 29, 2002...new picture of Mike!
Now acceptng CORPORATE CONRIBUTIONS and multiple contributions through the 'Multiple Contribution Plan'...just follow the same simple step of mailing me a dollar as many times as you wish, it's that easy! Check back for more pictures of Mike!
Jul 30, 2002 BREAKING NEWS...I have the honor of receiving my first $1 bill in the mail...photo of dollar, envelope and my hand is added on PHOTO PAGE...please keep them coming! Thanks to Veronica for her contribution!!!
August 6, 2002...TOTAL ...pictures coming soon of the new $1 bills and envelopes...keep them coming!!!!
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Don't miss the chance to be one of the first to send me $1 and have the chance to be on my website!

Give Me a Millions Dollars.20m.com coming soon!!!
Don't forget to sign up on 'Give Me a Dollar.20m.com' message board...let me know what you think, ladies and gents!
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Coming Soon! VISA
Giving Me a Dollar will be easier by using your VISA card in the future?

Help make me rich!
And feel good about it in the process
Send an email to Mike!

Send Mike a Dollar - Michael J. Hicks - 1718 East 26th Street - Owensboro, KY 42303